Nugget’s 3rd Birthday Celebration On KTNV

My TV debut! Some dogs have ALL the luck and I am happy to be one of them. Mommy hooked me up with a fabulous birthday PAWty on May 15, 2018, when I turned 3 years old.

So the following month, this awesome lady, JJ Snyder, contacted mommy after seeing the birthday video she made. JJ is the host of Las Vegas Morning Blend on KTNV Channel 13. They featured my special day and also talked about how lucky I was to escape the jaws of death when I was rescued. Thank you JJ for raising awareness!

And despite being dressed as Super Dog, I really had a blast. I mean, the entire cake was for ME! Mommy had designed it and made sure I had my best royal crown on and lots of bling. I think that was more for her than me, but after I actually got to devour the cake, I had no complaints.

Mommy showered me with love, well-that’s a daily given anyway, and she also made sure I got some of my other favorite treats. Note to self, don’t eat the entire cake in one go next year. Mommy was frowning from the gassy air my tummy dispelled, hahaha.